Rick Solem

Rick has 88 keys wrapped around his heart and soul. He does everything in 88's. That's why it takes him so long to brush his teeth...but when he's on the piano, it all makes sense.

Phil Bloch

Phil can make anything sound good -- give him a banana and a squirt gun, and he'll come up with some of the best-sounding percussion you have ever heard. Just kidding. He'll probably eat the banana and then squirt you with the squirt gun.

The new CD

You gotta hear this CD. No, seriously. It's that good. It'll put an earworm in your ear. Do you know what an ear worm is? It's a song that's so good you can't forget it. And that's what this CD is full of. So go buy it. Now. You haven't left already to buy it?

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The Band


What people are saying…

“Not only does ‘The Mambo’ understand this stuff, Phil & Rick FEEL it! Had me singin’ & dancin’ to the point that I almost needed a Gris-Gris Doctor when I was done listening!”
– JO Scott, Registered Dietitian, Master Jewelry Maker (NoHoJo), Louisiana Native

Shakedown Mambo is Real and Raw, Just like this Music is Supposed to be! I Love It!
– T.J. ‘thelonius james’ Sullivan