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“Not Exactly Cooperstown” soundtrack

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Shakedown Mambo is proud to congratulate our friend Jon Leonoudakis on releasing Not Exactly Cooperstown, a documentary about the Baseball Reliquary — a “nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to fostering an appreciation of American art and culture through the context of baseball history and to exploring the national pastime’s unparalleled creative possibilities.”

Shakedown Mambo composed and recorded the original music to this documentary, with fine guitar and mandolin contributions from good friend TJ “Thelonius James” Sullivan. Check out Jon’s memories of cutting the music for this movie with us.

Here’s Ron Kaplan’s podcast, discussing the film and the music:

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Noseology – the video

We are proud to present Shakedown Mambo’s newest video from the eponymous album Shakedown Mambo, entitled Noseology. We hope you like it:

Sneak peek at “Noseology” music video

We’re working on our first music video, for the song entitled “Noseology” off our first album. Day One of the shoot photos here…

Shot and directed by Loren A. Roberts with Lilly Wild.

Filming our first music video!

This past week, we had our first day of shooting the upcoming video for “Noseology” from our first album! Loren Roberts of Hearken Creative and Lilly Wild set up and filmed us in the studio. We can’t wait to share the finished video with you…or at least some photographic teasers, as soon as those get on the hard drives.

Older videos posted to YouTube

We just wanted to make sure everyone knew that there are some old videos shot by the incomparable John Leonoudakis and Jim Rush. Enjoy!…

Chicago Breakdown
[youtube width=”525″ height=”415″][/youtube]

The Fat Man
[youtube width=”525″ height=”415″][/youtube]

Corinna, Corinna
[youtube width=”525″ height=”415″][/youtube]

Just Lucky, I Guess
[youtube width=”525″ height=”415″][/youtube]

Junco Partner
[youtube width=”525″ height=”415″][/youtube]

Kid Man Blues
[youtube width=”525″ height=”415″][/youtube]

Now available on iTunes

Shakedown Mambo’s debut album is now available on iTunes for purchase. Go and get it!

Purchase on iTunes

Almost ready…

We’re working this week on setting up ways for you to buy the new Shakedown Mambo CD…watch this space for the link as soon as we have it working!


Here we go…Shakedown Mambo is on the Interwebs! We plan on getting some audio up, some video up, and some upcoming gigs too! Stay tuned as Shakedown Mambo gives you more of what you love – more rhythm, more soul, more rattle, more roll…more LOVE, baby!