This record sounds really great. Not only do I love the songs and singing, but the concept alone is so smart! It makes for a very unique approach that sets the record apart from the pack.

— Ron Finn, Music Editor/Guitar Slinger/Songwriter and the voice of sanity in an insane world…


This record sounds great!

— Dennis Herrera, Ace Blues Guitarist and Bandleader


Shakedown Mambo is a mighty cauldron of musical gumbo, with deep grooves and a soulful dose of gris-gris. I was well into the CD before it dawned on me that besides the cool vocals, the only instruments are piano and a drum kit…maybe because they sound huge and really cover the sound spectrum. It’s full, rich and rhythmic.

The songs draw from Louisiana roots, but they are fresh, catchy and smart. Rick picks up the thread that runs from Professor Longhair through Dr. John and weaves it into a tapestry of funky New Orleans soul. This is the kind of CD that’s going to stay in my player for days at a time.

— Paul Marshall, World Class Bass Player, Songwriter and Singer, currently with I See Hawks in L.A.


It sounds really good! I think the drum sounds are really live and big and in fact, ALL of it sounds nice and big and live. I particularly like the song The Real Deal.
— Jimi Bott, Great Session and Touring Drummer with credits including The Fabulous Thuderbirds, William Clarke, James Harman, Rod Piazza, The Mannish Boys and so many more


It doesn’t make any sense that so much music could come out of two instruments. It doesn’t sound like a recording. It sounds like it just happened on some street in New Orleans while we were passing by and we just had to stop and listen.
— Carl Weintraub, Songwriter/Storyteller/ Actor and Proprietor of the truly Swingin’ Firefly Bistro…


Diggin’ me some Shakedown Mambo!
— Dusty Wakeman, President, Mojave Audio, making some of the world’s finest microphones and formerly of renowned Mad Dog Recording Studios


This stuff sounds great and the Noseology video is cool! The vocals sound great on all of it.
— Ed Tree, excellent and in-demand Guitarist, Producer, Arranger, Songwriter


I love it! Sounds great!
— Michael Dumas, Owner of Dumasound and well-respected recording veteran


All I can say is the music made me want to sit in! Great feels, I like the drummer a lot, very cool stuff.
— Eddie Tuduri, Accomplished Drummer, Teacher and Humanitarian


I have been listening to Rick Solem and Phil Bloch’s Shakedown Mambo record in my car for the past two weeks. In short, this album rocks. The stripped down instrumentation of just piano, drums and percussion puts the spotlight full time on these two master players, and leaves this listener wanting not an instrument more.

Rick’s piano playing is second to none. Phil’s drums and percussion groove like crazy. I love improvisation and solos, and Rick Solem goes to town (and back) on several of these original compositions. The songs are great, the playing is great, the singing is great. I can’t wait to see them perform this album live.
— David Haerle, President, CMH Label Group


Yeah You Right…..Great toon…..Mardi Gras Mambo in hyper drive. Reminds me of the Wild Magnolias groove. All that’s missing is a dozen supremely loaded back o’ town N’Awlins Indians, sweatin’ up the recording mic with a finely delineated smoky cozmic ambience. Nice spread on the recording. Sounds like a fun band.
— Jim Hewett, former New Orleans local, Musician and Songwriter par excellence


— Sidney Levin, Film Director/Editor/Producer and Classical Music Lover (as well as N’awlins Funk)


Shakedown Mambo is a hot and spicy delight with all the unique flavor of the best New Orleans style music.
— Ginger Perkins, Independent Film Producer


I LOVE this recording! Beatifully played and recorded. Natural sounding and it has a nice, easy flow. It’s obvious this is a pure recording with not a lot of editing. Great drum and piano sounds. Well done.
— Doug Messenger, Record Producer, Studio Owner, first call Guitar Player


Not only does “The Mambo” understand this stuff, Phil & Rick FEEL it! Had me singin’ & dancin’ to the point that I almost needed a Gris-Gris Doctor when I was done listening!
— JOretta Scott, Registered Dietitian, Master Jewelry Maker (NoHoJo) and Louisiana Native


I enjoyed the CD a lot! Great work on the piano. Keep up the good work!
— Brett Bryngelson, a Solid Sender Defender


The album SHAKEDOWN MAMBO is something of a mystery to me.  There is only piano, drums and vocals on it.  Yet listening to it, you can’t help but hear bass, organ, and a full horn section… in fact, a full on parade can be heard in every song.  If you like New Orleans blues, this album ought to blow you away – Rick’s piano is just killer, and Phil’s percussion will, indeed, rattle your bones… in the good way.
— Jamie Elman, Tres Talentueuse Actor/Singer/Pianist


I really like “Shakedown Mambo”…
I find myself getting lost in the hypnotic rhythms that just keep going! Very cool and well done.

— Billy Sullivan, Film Composer/Drummer Extraordinaire/Owner of Sullystone Recording Studio


Hey, Phil, Shakedown Mambo, I love it! What kind of person DOESN’T like this music? Great songs. Rick sounds fabulous on the piano and you’re groovin’ like mad, as usual. I especially love the vocal shouts. Cool stuff!
— Scott Plunkett, Keyboard Session Great, first call Touring Player, fine Songwriter


I like the strong grooves, gets right to the core of things (even without the bass) – PLAYER, that is. I like it.
— Jim Leonard, Great Bass Player of the Locked-Down, Rock Solid variety and Bon Vivant


This is the best new album I’ve heard in a long time. It’s my new all-time favorite. It keeps me goin’ all day long. I love it!
— J.L.Gruen, Big music fan and big-time Healin’ Vibe


Wanted to say I LOVE your CD! Phil, man, you are one greezy motha-xxxxx!! Very cool, New Orleans-style funk. Nice.
— Rich Mangicaro, Top LA Session and Touring Percussionist


I’m really enjoying the Shakedown Mambo CD. I’ve been listening to it a lot this week. Gets better each time I hear it. My faves: Shakedown Mambo (of course), Noseology, Yeah You Right (love it!), The Lady Wants To Dance, Your Secret’s Safe With Me. Great drum sounds throughout and great playing. You guys sound great and the production is very organic. It sounds like a lot more than 2 guys playing. Nice job!
— David Cohen, First Call Session Drummer, TheDrumCorner.com


Shakedown Mambo, I really dig your CD !!
— Emmett Lentillucci, Excellent New York Drummer


From some smokey taverne on Toulouse & Burgundy to a full-on Bourbon Street parade and headin’ for the swampland…how do these two guys make so much noise? By kickin’ out the skylight and waiting for the glass to land. You’ll hear ’em coming from 3 blocks away if you turn it up.
— Rick Smith, Doctor of Mind, Body & Soul, Poet, Songwriter, Singer, Harp Player Extraordinaire, one of the Perpetrators of The Mescal Sheiks band


Hey Phil…..Great job on the CD….Up and feel good grooves…..The drums have that dixi-loose fat sound….I love it…….
— Stan Keyawa, Owner, Professional Drum Shop, Hollywood, CA


I’m a bass player and this is the first band I’ve seen and heard in my life where there’s no bass player and I don’t miss it!
— Kenny Wild, First Call L.A. Session Bassist


I LOVE the Shakedown Mambo CD!! So damn creative, and recorded masterfully.
— Barbara Reed, Fine Vocalist and Mystery Author, barbarareed.org


Remember the “good old days” when we all sat in our cars singing and bouncing up and down to the radio? Well, let me tell you, these days, people will laugh at you, but it had me bouncing and “drumming” on the steering wheel all the way down Ventura Blvd.! I think the music is so excellent.
— Ellen Carpenter, Music Lover, Los Angeles CA


Groovy, funky, and entirely unique. Shakedown Mambo lays it down, rips it up, and gets you right in the gut!
— Mario Hartnell, Music Connoisseur and Toast of the Town


……..Cajun music advertised and they had two guys “Shakedown Mambo” who really filled the space and had me wishing it were Friday and I could get up and dance. As someone else described, Shakedown Mambo is New Orleans, Memphis, Kansas City combined with original lyrics. I plan to come back to Big Mama’s for more. BTW, the food was really good!
— Lee K., a Fan, from a review on Yelp.com


This is the real deal! If you like your sounds hot with a heapin’ helpin’ of tasty percussion and pian-y, belly up to the bar and dig in!
— Jon Leonoudakis, Film Maker and Special Projects Producer


Shakedown Mambo is Real and Raw, Just like this Music is Supposed to be! I Love It!
— T.J. ‘thelonius james’ Sullivan, Great Songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Purveyor Of The Blues


Shakedown Mambo. As close as you’ll get to New Orleans without a plane ticket. Funkify your Groovitude!
— JD Hinton, Fine Recording Artist and one of the Top Songwriters of our Time


Love hearing you play, raw and unusual with just piano and drums. I like the songs, the singing, the playing, reminds me of elements of Dr John’s arena.
— Sally Kellerman, Beautiful and Talented, one of the Finest Actresses of our Time AND a truly evocative Musical Artist


One of the things I really like about your CD is the full sound you have created. Sounds much fuller than you would expect for only piano and drums. I also like the diversity of the songs.
— Tim “T-Bone” Arem, M.Ed.
Producer/Host, T-Bone’s Radio Active Kids, America’s Fitness & Education Ambassador for Kids, T-Bone Productions International


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